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Andalusia - a Spanish region with an Arabian past


Andalusia, the region of the southwest of Spain, is Spain as it is imagined by a central European. In almost any city there is a bullring, there are countless churches that are highly frequented and proud people: relaxed, full of joie de vivre and spirited. In many cities one can visit some flamenco shows, as this famous dance is home here.

This for us so typical Spain is actually amazing, as over many centuries, the Arabian Moors dominated Andalusia. Up to the reconquest by the Christians, the Islam dominated this area, but in a more tolerant and open way. Many things remained from this time, beginning from the palaces and the handicrafts up to the tolerance of the inhabitants compared to other influences.

Andalusia is one of the most popular holiday regions of the Germans. Even though in the most cases they relax on the beach of the "Costa del Sol", the sun coast, the sightseeings of the inner country should not be underestimated. Andalusia is a place where an advanced civilization dominated and where it sparkles of arquitectonical treasures and beautiful landscapes.

We really enjoyed the great buildings, the enchanting landscape and the interesting lifestyle of this region. Everyone who has been in Andalusia rhapsodized about this area and so we decided to know the "Magic of Andalusia". "Discovering the magic of Andalusia", this is the way the determined tour is named that we made with a rented car. It was an adventure, despite of some days of bad weather. We can only recommend everyone not to limit the holidays to the sun coast but also to explore the beauties of the inner country.


General information about Andalusia

  • Geography and the population of Andalusia
  • Arrival and traffic
  • Eat and drink, Andalusian specialities

The history of Andalusia

  • Andalusia before the Arabs
  • The Moorish Andalusia
  • Andalusia up to the 20th century
  • Andalusia in the 20th century and today

Málaga and surroundings

  • The Moorish fortification Alcazaba
  • The cathedral La Manquita
  • More sightseeings of Málaga
  • Hotel La Posada del Conde nearby Málaga
  • The surrounding of Málaga

Granada, the city of the Alhambra

  • The castle complex Alhambra
  • The buildings and the garden complexes of Generalife
  • The viewpoint Albaicin
  • Further sightseeings in Granada
  • Stay over night in the Hotel Guadalupe

Córdoba and its famous oldtown

  • Impressive cathedral Mezquita Cathedral
  • Alcázar de los Reyes Chistianos
  • Juderia, the Jewish quarter
  • Further sightseeings of Córdoba
  • Staying over night in the Hotel Palacete de Mirador

Carmona, a small enchanting place

  • Viewing the small city
  • City wall, San Pedro church

Sevilla, capital of Andalusia

  • City tours through Sevilla
  • The Cathedral Santa Maria de la Sede
  • The King's Palace Reales Alcázar
  • Further sightseeings of Sevilla
  • Hotel Casona de San Andrés

El Puerto de Santa Maria

  • Sightseeings in El Puerto de Santa Maria
  • Hotel Los Cántaros

The white villages of Andalusia

  • Ronda, the city of Carmen
  • Arcos de la Frontera

Weather and climate of Andalusia

  • Information about the weather and the climate of Andalusia
  • Day- and night temperatures of Sevilla and Málaga
  • Tips for what to wear and for underway

Additional information for a holiday in Andalusia

  • General tips about Andalusia
  • Practical tips for a holiday in Andalusia
  • Some famous personalities of Andalusia

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