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Weather and Climate in Barcelona


Considering that Barcelona is located much more in the south as any city in France (except the islands), one can imagine the permanent summer climate that is waiting for one in the city; When in Germany, the summer time begins in May and at the beginning of September the autumn begins, in Barcelona, approximately two months can be added at both ends for the summer time.

In fact, in Barcelona there is already in the month of April some average day temperatures of 18░C; it is similarly warm also in November. The inhabitants of the Catalan capital do not know what a real winter is. If the thermometre falls during the day below 10░C, it is an unusually cold day. Specially in the summer time, the day temperatures barely fall at nights. Those who have an accomodation during the summer time without any air-conditioning will have to suffer at nights even if there are only 25░C it seems to be unbelievably hot as the air humidity is very high due to the proximity to the sea.

Upper bar: daily average temperatures; lower bar: average temperatures at night

While in southern Spain there is no drop falling from the sky during the summer time, in Barcelona, there is repeatedely one rainy day. But a rain shower in the summer does not mean that it is already getting cold; many times, one is really happy about the little refreshment for free from the sky and one enjoys each drop one can get .

If in April or May one already walks through the streets of Barcelona in short clothes, it does not mean at all that one can go straight to the beach and to the sea. The water temperatures lag a little the air temperatures. Not until the mid of May one can pleasantly bath in the beaches of the city, but therefore easily until beginning of November.

One tip for the excursion program in Barcelona: during the hot summer months, there is a permanent thick dunst and fog over the city, so that one has not have a wide view. But those who are so lucky to get one rainy day should go immediately to the next view point, as after one rainy day the air is like freshly cleaned and one can enjoy some distant views that one has otherwise only in the winter time.

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