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Airports of the island Tenerife


In Tenerife, there are two big airports. in the north of the island there is the Aeropuerto del Norte, close to the city La Laguna. In the south of the island there is the international airport of Tenerife-South named Reina Sofia. It sounds logical that the visitors of the northern part of the island, so mainly of the city Puerto de la Cruz, arrive at the northern airport, whereas the visitors of the south-western tourist stronghold Playa de las Américas arrive at the southern airport.

The airport of southern Tenerife is located at approximately 60 km in southern direction from the capital Santa Cruz. There is a motorway that leads atraight from the northern to the southern airport; the distance is approximately of 70 km; As the motorway is very well arranged, both airports are in fact only half an hour distant from each other. Consequently, it makes no sense to insist on the southern airport Reina Sofia in case one is having holidays in the south of Tenerife. As by booking a holiday package, the hotel transfer is always included, the "wrong" airport has the only effect of an hotel transfer that is half an hour longer.

The international airport Tenerife-South Reina Sofia

Those who land on the southern part of the island and probably expect a spectacular landing as on the neighbour island La Palma or as on Madeira, will be disappointed. The southern airport is extended over a huge complex that includes approximately 12 km². The landing strip of category A has a length of 3200 metres and has a Width of more than 40 metres, so that also bigger aircrafts can land there.

Thus, those who arrive in Tenerife south in a typical german holiday plane, land as on every other international big airport. For an island, the airport is huge; there are numerous landing stages for planes. One recognises immediately that in this airport, there is still a lot of potential of growth.

Not only the landing strip but also the terminal is huge. The enormous arrival and departure halls are only crowded at peak days (super peak season is christmas time). Apart from that, there is enough space to spread oneself out if there are some hours to wait for the plane. The check-in has also a generous space. There are enough counters and space for the queues, so that no chaos arises.

How can the airport be found if someone arrives with a rented car? On the motorway that communicates the capital of the island with the southern part, at 60 kilometres there is an exit to the airport. If one takes this exit, the rest is very easy. There are numerous parking places in front of the aerodrome; for 15 minutes, one can even park for free.

What does this airport offer? Those who land on the airport will find some stations of the international car rentals as Avis, Hertz, Europcar etc. Most of the big tour operators like TUI or Neckermann have their own offices in the arrival area. In the airport there are several restaurants, Burger King and Pizza Hut, an irish bar and national food. Furthermore, there is a post office, a chemistry, several banks, flower shops, different gift and souvernir shops and, of course, the typical shops of alcoholic stuff and tobacco of the airports.

What attracted my attention in a positive way were the toilets of a big dimension, whereat the cleanliness left a lot to be desired. In the departure area it was pleasant to be entertaind with classic and Spanish music. But what I found absolutely unbearable was the fact that nearly the whole area was for smokers; I hope that meanwhile it has changed.

Of course, there is also a terrace for sightseeing, from which one can watch the departuring and landing planes. But the plane-freaks should better go bathing to Playa de Tejita; lying on this beach, the planes land straight above and/or in front of oneself.

Those who fly to Tenerife should in any case take a seat at the left side of the plane; Normally, the planes land by coming from south-west and start in direction to the north-east. Those who sit at the left side of the plane during take-off and landing will see the Teide, the island and the coasts in all its glory. Those who sit at the right will see a lot of water, and, if lucky, the neighbour islands.

Oh well, many a person will say that they did not notice that by arriving in the airport they are in Spain. This is not surprising, as millions of germans visit Tenerife, tens of thousands germans have settled down on the island, german is spoken. Of course, the announcements through the loudspeakers are in perfect german.

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